Leasing Program

Pick your next long term leasing car

3 Steps Away From Your New Car

Choose your next vehicle

We are having new leasing offers all the time. You can choose from a bit variety of vehicles or ask our specialists from our phone center.

Create the contract you want and pay every month

You decide the period you want to lease the car. However, you need to pay the monthly amount before the month starts. You have no responsibility for insurances, taxes etc.

Select location and buy

You have the option to select pick-up/drop-off location, from the one we offer. Finally as it’s leasing it’s on your hand if you’ll buy the car after the contract or not


Multiple Seats Vehicles

Who can Lease?



Special offers can be made for certain cars. Do not hesitate to contact us about them.

Vehicles for professional use. Cars don’t suit everybody. You can choose between cars, vans and multiple seat cars

What does leasing price includes?

Free Insurance

Road Assistance

Mechanical and Car failures

Consistent Monthly Price

Form of Interest